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Grayton Beach Fishing Charters

by Adam Schlosser
Grayton Beach Fishing Charters

Nothing Better than a Day of Deep Sea Fishing Out of Grayton Beach

South Walton Florida is a gorgeous collection of Gulf Coast communities known for their white sand beaches, fresh seafood, and unique vacation homes. Common mid-day activities along the 30A corridor include biking, swimming, golfing, kayaking, and, of course, deep-sea fishing.  There’s just something magical about drifting far out to sea in search of king mackerel, grouper and monster Red Snapper.

Deep Sea Fishing Out of Grayton Beach Florida

Booking a deep sea fishing charter out of Grayton Beach has long been a popular thing to do while vacationing in SoWal.  It’s so unique launching a boat into the Gulf Of Mexico straight from the sandy beach.  Grayton Beach is centrally located with Blue Mountain Beach / Gulf Place to the west and WaterColor / Seaside to the east making it easy to get out on the water no matter where you stay along 30A.  Here, you’ll find about a dozen or more Grayton Beach fishing charters that vary in price, targeted species, and level of experience. Luckily for you, some of our luxury homes are within walking distance of these charters, including Clam I Am, Sweet Magnolia, and Casa Sombra.

Big Wahoo Caught off Grayton Beach

3 Fantastic Grayton Beach Fishing Charters

With so many reputable Grayton Beach fishing charters at the ready, it wasn’t easy whittling the main list down to just three. But, at the end of the day, we put an emphasis on experience, location, and customer feedback (as well as our own experiences) so let’s get started.

Grayton Girl Fishing Charters

Grayton Girl Fishing Charter Grayton Beach, FL

As with most Grayton Beach fishing charters, this top-ranked guiding service provides all gear, including rods, reels, bait, and tackle. All you need to do is bring an appetite for adventure. Grayton Girl’s captain, Jody Wesley, has been trolling the Gulf waters off of 30A for 40 years. That experience is priceless. Wesley and his crew know precisely where to find the plumpest, most desirable fish, such as cobia (their main target), Spanish mackerel, kingfish, and mahi-mahi.


Fish on Charters

Fish On Charters Grayton Beach 30A fishing

Fish on Charters is a multi-generational operation anchored in Grayton Beach. Again, 40-plus years of experience means everything to an avid angler. Captain Jimbo Bishop, born and raised in nearby Seagrove Beach, prides himself on being flexible. He caters each voyage to your needs, based on your desired length and personal skill level. First and foremost, Captain Bishop’s team bottom-fishes for grouper, triggerfish, and various types of snapper. They also do a bit of trolling and, yes, shark hunting—because nothing is more enthralling than stalking the ocean’s premier predator.

Dead Fish Charters

Dead Fish Charters Grayton Beach

Much love to all of the top-tier Grayton Beach fishing charters, including the guys and gals at Shallow Water Expeditions, Fishstick Charters, and Captain Harry’s Coastal Adventures. But we couldn’t leave Dead Fish Charters, a five-time Diamond Award recipient, off of this list. The common theme here is experience. Captain Pentel grew up 300 yards from this beach. He knows where, when, and how to hook the stoutest red snapper, grouper, and cobia in the Gulf Of Mexico. Dead Fish is one of the only Grayton Beach fishing charters with multiple boats, so booking a day on the water is a cinch.

Luxurious Grayton Beach Area Rentals

Grayton Beach area vacation rentals

30A Escapes is proud to boast one of the best selections of South Walton house rentals, ranging from opulent bayfront properties to three-bedroom condominiums overlooking the Gulf.  Also, we have a growing selection of fantastic Grayton Beach rentals.  The easiest way to get acquainted with our dazzling, diverse inventory is to visit our website, 30aEscapes.com. You can also give us a call today at 888-473-6830 to lean on the expertise of our reservations team, who will match your family with a vacation rental that suits your size, style, and budget.  There’s no better place to commemorate a glorious day with one of these 30A fishing guides than on the water near your lavish home away from home!

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