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Interview with Michael Knapp of 30A Pontoon Rentals

by 30A Guy
Interview with 30A Pontoon Rentals in Santa Rosa Beach FL

30A Pontoon Rentals Makes Getting Out On The Water Easy

I can’t think of a better way to spend a day than on the water with family and friends.  Up until recently, convenient pontoon rental options for folks staying on 30A were limited.  However, thanks to Michael Knapp, co-owner of 30A Pontoon Rentals, getting out on the water is a breeze.  Recently, we had the great privilege of speaking with him about how his company helps to enhance peoples 30A vacation experience.  So without further ado, let’s dive into our conversation with Michael Knapp…

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Conversation with 30A Pontoon Rentals Co-Owner Michael Knapp

Question: How long has 30A Pontoon Rentals been servicing the South Walton area?

Michael:  30A Pontoon Rentals started in 2018 with a double decker boat.  We soon realized that demand in the 30A area was for higher-end / more luxurious pontoon rentals.Family Friendly 30A Pontoon Rentals

Question: How many pontoons are in your rental fleet today?

Michael:  We currently have 11 pontoon rentals… We have a mix of 150 horsepower Tritoons (regular) and 150 HP double decker Tritoons with slides.  Tritoons are much more spacious and comfortable than a typical pontoon boat.  We offer 3 pontoon rental options which are…

  • 8 Passenger 150 HP Tritoon 2021 Harris Model
  • 12 Passenger 150 HP Tritoon 2021 Avalon Model
  • 12 Passenger 150 HP double decker with water slides 2021 Avalon Model

Captain services as well as Add-ons such as tubes, floating pads, SUPs, coolers and more are available as well.30A Pontoon Double Decker with Slide

Question:  Do you offer Pontoon rental packages for larger groups?

Michael:  Yes, our most popular offering is the “Van shuttle with the double decker pontoon, waterslide, and captain” package.  We get a ton of parties that want the full, all-inclusive experience.  So our shuttle services takes them to the dock, gets them on the double decked pontoon with a captain, and they enjoy themselves all day on the water.  They go out to Crab Island in Destin and experience the beautiful atmosphere out there.30A Pontoon Crab Island Destin

Question:  In addition to pontoons, are there other items that folks vacationing on 30A can rent from y’all?

Michael:  Yes for sure… We realized the need to expand into other areas.  In addition to luxury pontoons, we also rent Polaris Slingshots and 4 passenger 30A Beach Buggies.  Both are super fun and an absolute blast to drive.  They’re modeled after the 1965 Volkswagen beach buggies.  Instead of renting a golf cart where you’re kind of limited, the Beach Buggy gives you the freedom to go anywhere a car can go so you can better explore the 30A corridor.  Not only does the Beach Buggy look cool, it’s also gas powered so you don’t have to worry about charging batteries / running out of juice miles from your 30A vacation rental which often happens with golf carts.30A Slingshot

Question:  What made you decide to add the Beach Buggy to your 30A rental fleet?

Michael:  People on vacation want a fun vehicle, something that makes them happy.  So I started with a “dune buggies” Google search.  I didn’t want to rent dune buggies per say, however, I wanted something like that which is how I stumbled upon the 30A Beach Buggies.  When I first got in the Beach Buggy, I couldn’t believe how much I loved driving it.30A Beach Buggy in Inlet Beach

Question:  You offer pontoon rentals, Slingshot rentals, Beach Buggy rentals… So what’s next for 30A Pontoon Rental?

Michael:  We’re going to continue to offer more services.  We realized the need for van rentals on 30A so we’re going to be offering those as well as Suburban rentals.  Finally, in March 2022 we’ll be introducing a super cool new vehicle to our rental fleet that we’ve not told the public about yet so stay tuned!

Question:  Where should 30A vacationers go to learn more about your rental services?

Michael:  If you go to 30aPontoon.com you’ll find more information on how to rent our Beach Buggies, Slingshots, Pontoons, vans, suburban’s and more.  We’re located in Santa Rosa Beach and service the entire 30A corridor from Inlet Beach to Seagrove Beach to Dune Allen Beach so make sure to look us up next time you vacation on the white sand beaches of South Walton Florida!

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28 foot- 12 Passenger 150 hp tritoons
28 foot- 12 passenger 200 hp tritoons
28 foot- 12 passenger 150 hp double decker tritoons with slides
28 foot- 12 passenger 200 hp double decker tritoons with slides.

Add ons include:
– 18 X 6 Floating pads
– YOLO boards
– Tubes
– Coolers
– Karaoke Machines
– Captained or Non- Captained boats

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– 65 foot Luxury Executive Yacht
– 12 passenger capacity
– Lunch or Dinner
– Floating Pad
– Charcuterie Board of food (veggies, meat and cheese, or pastries)
– Unlimited Soda and Water
– Includes Captain plus one or two deckhands
– Indoor and Outdoor space.

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