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Interview with Huck and Harlowe in Rosemary Beach, FL

by Ryan Taylor

Getting to Know Huck and Harlowe Dog Outfitter in Rosemary Beach, Florida

Dog lovers of 30A, this interview with the owners of Huck & Harlowe is for you.  You’ll find this luxury dog outfitter conveniently located off South Barrett Square in downtown Rosemary Beach.  It’s a family run business that was started back in 2020 by Mason and Katie Blackwell.  We recently had the pleasure of speaking with them and learned more about what makes Huck & Harlowe such a great place for dog owners.

Interview with Katie and Ryan of Huck & Harlowe on 30AKatie and Mason Blackwell owners of Huck & Harlowe

30A Escapes:  Please tell us about the origins of Huck and Harlowe.

Mason:  We’ve been vacationing on 30A for years and years.  Dogs have always been a big part of the area.  We noticed there was a need for a luxury 30A dog store and that sparked the idea.  We kind of just got lucky… A, with finding this space.  B, we (Katie and I) both ended up down here on 30A at the same time which is how we met.  Finally, C, we found this niche that needed to be filled in South Walton.Huck & Harlowe 30A FloridaSo, November of 2020 is when we first opened up and we just got really lucky with this space in Rosemary Beach.  This entire building is brand new.  All of the commercial spaces are new stores which generates more interest. We just got super lucky securing this space in downtown Rosemary when we did.

30A Escapes:  What make this luxury 30A dog outfitter different than most others?Huck and Harlowe Springer Bottles

Katie:  We only select products from high quality manufacturers.  Also, we try to source things made in the United States and England.  Finding unique, one-of-a-kind items is our focus when sourcing pet products.  It’s interesting in that we have a lot of people stop in our store that don’t even have dogs or they had a dog at one point in there life… They love dogs but don’t have one anymore.  We also get a lot of 30A vacationers come in that have dog sitters at home and want to bring something fun home for them.

Here’s a 30A Escapes exclusive glimpse of Huck & Harlowe Outfitters Rosemary Beach on Tiktok below…


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♬ Everything She Ain’t – Hailey Whitters

30A Escapes: Any thoughts of expanding Huck & Harlowe beyond Rosemary Beach, Florida?

Mason:  Actually, we just opened another location in Seaside Ruskin Place Park area right behind Heavenly Ice Cream.  It’s been really good so far and were super excited to open that second location on 30A.  It’s pretty much the exact same model as our Rosemary Beach Huck & Harlowe.  The only difference is that it’s just a little bit smaller.Huck & Harlowe 30A Seaside FL location

30A Escapes:  Why should people take time to check out Huck & Harlowe in Rosemary Beach and/or 30A Seaside?

Mason:  Folks should stop in because we have items in our store that are carefully curated… Items that cannot be found really anywhere else online or off.  The items you discover at Huck & Harlowe will make your dog look and feel better.  They’ll also make you, the human look good walking your best friend.

Katie:  I agree… Huck & Harlowe is where you’ll find 1-of-a-kind items for your furry friend that you just can’t find elsewhere.  All those items are together in one place that is comfortable and easy to shop.Huck and Harlowe 30A Seaside

Next time you’re vacationing on 30A, make sure to stop by Huck and Harlowe in Rosemary Beach or at their new location in Seaside!  You can also learn more and order their unique dog products via their website here…  Huckandharlowe.com

Thanks for taking time to watch this weeks’ episode of “Escape To 30A”!  Please let us know some of your favorite places to shop on 30A in the comments below.  Finally, make sure to check back next week for more fun 30A area content.

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