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Get to Know 30A Distilling Co

by Ryan Taylor
30A Distilling Co

Escape To 30A Episode 8: 30A Distilling Co in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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Those that enjoy small batch spirits and delicious craft cocktails are sure to like this weeks episode of Escape To 30A!  We had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Rabon, owner and operator of 30A Distilling Co.  Located in Santa Rosa Beach, this new South Walton distillery is just a short drive from Blue Mountain Beach and the entire 30A corridor.  Their team is committed to sourcing local ingredients and providing full transparency about what’s in each bottle.  So without further ado, our interview with Brian begins now…

Interview with Brian Rabon, Owner of 30A Distilling CoBrian Rabon owner of 30A Distilling Co

Question:  What is the concept behind 30A Distilling Co?

Brian’s Answer:  I really wanted to create a brand and spirits that were going to be as spectacular as the beaches are here in South Walton. Something that could be part of everyone’s vacation experience.  We’re really a distillery with something for everyone.  Maybe you’re not familiar with spirits or maybe you don’t like Gin…  Well, I encourage you to come in and give us an opportunity to show you some new products.  Maybe show you some things you’ve never tried before in a craft cocktail.

Question:  When did you decide to create 30A Distilling Co and when did it open?30A Distilling Co Grand Opening Ceremony

Brian’s Answer: I committed to the dream of opening 30A Distilling Co in May of 2021.  The first step was to go through the permitting process and work with Walton County officials.  We became a distillery in November of 2021.  We spent the winter producing spirits and opened to the public on April 28th, 2022.  So we’re still a very new addition to the 30A area.

Question:  How many different types of spirits do you offer?30a distillery products

Brian’s Answer:  Currently, we have 9 different products and that number will grow as we continue to innovate.  They’re named after specific 30A beach communities.  Some of our sprits include; Blue Mountain Beach Bourbon, Grayton Beach Blanco Agave, Orange Flavored Rum, Seagrove Community Vodka, Seacrest Community Rum, and Rosemary Beach Gin.

Question:  Do you offer tours of the distillery?30A Distillery Tours

Brian’s Answer:  Yes… Distillery tours are a great option for people that would like a really intimate, personal connection.  Here at 30A Distilling Co, we offer tours each week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays which gives folks a chance to sample the spirits.  They get to see the distillation equipment, process, and get a sense of how this place works.  It’s an opportunity to hear our story first-hand and taste different products.

Please tell us more about the Tastings Room.30A Distilling Co Tasting Room

Brian’s Response:  In the evenings and on the weekends our Tastings Room is open to the public.  We offer some amazing craft cocktails such as our Old Fashion with Bacon, Margaritas, Lemon Drops, and Bourbon Cream specialties.  We really want people to come in, have a culinary experience and try new flavors.30A Distilling Girls Night

We want visitors to experience what local oranges taste like in a Rum or honeysuckle in a vodka.  With our tours and tasting room, we’re really trying to bring the local product here to the 30A community and give people a sense of what this place is all about.

Please tell us about your inspiration for the naming of your spirits.30A Distilling sprit named after beach towns

Brian’s Response:  With our bottling, we make everything hyper-local by featuring the 30A beach communities on all our labels.  The batch number, bottle number, and proof are hand-labeled on every bottle.  The bottles themselves are great 30A souvenirs in their own right and fun for people to bring home.  Line our bottles up and you’ll see a map of the 30A corridor.  The packaging in general is very unique and something people have complemented us on.

Any final thoughts as they relate to 30A Distilling Co in Santa Rosa Beach?Interview with 30A Distilling Co

Brian’s Response:  We’d really like you to come in and experience some of our local flavor.  We’d like you to have a positive experience and be part of our family here at 30A Distilling Co.

30A Distilling Co Address:
605 North County Highway 393
Building 15-B
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Learn more about 30A Distilling Co on you website here:  30aDistillingCo.com

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