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Top 30A Kayak Rentals

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30A Kayak Rentals and Spots

Best 30A Kayak Rentals and Paddling Spots

From Inlet Beach to Dune Allen Beach, the 30A corridor is loaded with opportunities for kayaking enthusiasts.  Kayaks are one of the best ways to explore the many rare coastal dune lakes and artificial reefs the area has to offer.  Kayaking along 30A is a favorite activity for tourists and locals alike; it may not be as exhilarating as a parasailing adventure, but it’s an intimate way to explore this slice of Florida heaven. As you’ll soon learn, there are plenty of fantastic options when it comes to kayak rentals on 30A so let’s get started.

30A Kayak Rental OptionsKayaking 30A Florida

Vacayzen (previously known as Rent Gear Here) – One of the top options for Kayak rentals on 30A, Vacayzen also rents Stand Up Paddle Boards, Boogie Boards and all kinds of beach gear.  They deliver and pickup so no need to leave your 30A vacation rental!  Vacayzen’s prices are competitive and their customer service is top-notch.  No matter if you’re staying in Rosemary Beach, Seagrove Beach, Blue Mountain Beach or anywhere in-between, Vacayzen will bring the fun to you.  In addition to kayak rentals, Vacayzen also offer Adventures & Tours that are great for the entire family.  Some examples include Offshore Kayak Fishing Charter, Inshore Kayak Fishing Charter and Hobie Kayak Eco Tours.

The Rental Shop 30A – Located in Santa Rosa Beach, The Rental Shop 30A offers single and double kayak rentals. You can choose to rent for a day or the whole week; they’ll deliver the kayaks to you for free.  They have some of the best kayaks in the area as they turn their inventory over each year.  There’re more of a “Mom & Pop” 30A kayak rental service but they’re customer service and delivery times are great.  In addition to kayak rentals, The Rental Shop 30A also has a nice supply of Stand Up Paddleboards.The Rental Shop 30A Kayak Rental service

Friends of Camp Helen – Enjoy a day on the water of the area’s largest coastal dune lake, Lake Powell!  Access the lake via Camp Helen State Park (Inlet Beach) where you’ll find a kayak rental service courtesy of “Friends of Camp Helen”. Choose from one-hour, two-hour, or half-day rentals and explore Lake Powell.  If you like to fish, make sure to bring a pole as the lake is loaded with Spotted Seatrout, Redfish and more!Camp Helen State Park Kayak Rentals

Coldwater Excursions – In addition to kayak rentals, Coldwater Excursions offers guided eco tours of Holmes Creek, Econfina, and the 30A coastal dune lakes.  They serve the beaches of South Walton from Rosemary Beach to Dune Allen Beach and they offer free delivery and pickup.  All of their kayak rentals include paddles, life jackets and whistles.

Great Spots to Kayak On 30Afun spots to kayak along 30A corridor

Western Lake – Located between WaterColor and Grayton Beach, Western Lake is a must do for those that love to kayak!  Exploring this ancient coastal dune lake is a can’t miss opportunity for those vacationing on 30A.  You’ll find smooth, calm waters, breathtaking scenery and a variety of interesting wildlife like egrets, osprey, tortoises, bald eagles, alligators and more.  Also, Grayton Beach State Park rests on the shores of Western Lake so make sure to check that national treasure out as well!

Campbell Lake – Another coastal dune lake, Campbell Lake is a near 100-acre spot in Topsail Hill Preserve State Park that’s prime for paddling. Unfortunately, visitors can’t take their own kayaks here. However, the park offers kayak rentals between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. every day. For anglers, you can try your hand at kayak fishing here; saltwater fish are commonly caught there.

Eastern Lake:  Located in Seagrove Beach just past WaterSound, Eastern Lake offers prime kayaking opportunities.  You can access this 30A coastal dune lake via Eastern Lake Park.  It has a nice ramp, perfect for getting your kayak in and out of the water.  You’ll also find parking and a picnic area at the park.

If you know of other great places to rent kayaks on 30A, please use the comments below and share with us!  Also, feel free to share your favorite South Walton kayaking spots with us.  We hope for the opportunity to host you in one of our luxury 30A vacation rentals next time you vacation in South Walton!

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