30A Property Management

The "Escapes" Service Standard is Unmatched

To discuss the management of your 30A beach property contact:

Melissa Anderson, New Owner Development
Cell: (850) 708-2211
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Jim Dixon, New Owner Sales
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With many years of "Real World" experience managing luxury vacation rental properties, 30A Escapes has set the bar extremely high.  Other companies attempt to copy our business model but they just don't quite get it.  Being the top boutique management firm on 30A isn't about bedrooms and bathrooms.

We sell the "Luxury 30A Vacation Experience" and we accomplish this by having real relationships with our rental guests.  Our team members answer every call and email personally to engage rental prospects in order to develop an intimate level of service unsurpassed on 30A.  In turn, our rental guests respect and care for the properties as they would their own home.30A Property Management

The majority of our competitors are looking for ways to automate "E-Bookings" without ever engaging the prospective guest personally.  How would they even know who is coming into your home without having a conversation prior to accepting a booking?  Someone on the other end of a computer having a valid credit card should not be the only requirement to be guaranteed a booking in a multi-million dollar property.

We have personal experience owning vacation rental properties which gives us a level of expertise and perspective no other company can provide. We act and think like owners.  We know how to keep revenues high and expenses low while providing elite service.

We rent to professionals that are willing to pay top dollar for our luxury vacation properties.  We'll never waiver from our boutique level of homes to simply add a new property.  30A Escapes is selective regarding the properties we manage and the owners we work with.  The relationship with our homeowners is a win-win "Partnership".  Our success in the marketplace gives us the luxury to make good decisions that protect the value of our "Escapes" Brand.

Our Focus is on:
 Maximizing Your ROI
 Asset Protection
 Guest Relations
 Maximizing Your 30A Vacation Rental Return on Investment
As a professional property management firm our job is to act on your behalf, the owner / investor, to maximize your net operating income.  Some of the ways in which we maximize your rental income include but are not limited to...
  • Collecting rents timely
  • Locating prospective tenants quickly
  • Booking your property with qualified guests
  • Reasonable maintenance services
Our motto is "He who is first wins" and it's a big part of our success.  Lightening fast response times to rental inquiries is one of the major differences between us and our competition.  Your dedicated property manager is on top of rental inquiries as soon as the email dings.  Research has shown that inquiries responded to within 1 hour of receipt are 50% more likely to book. Our property managers all receive good base salaries and they also make a commission on every rental booking, so being 1st is important to everyone.

Marketing is paramount in our business culture because without the right rental clients, there are no bookings. With a proprietary database of over 37,000 area visitors, we will immediately launch your property to a target rich audience.  No other management firm on 30A has an email database even close to what we have built over 13 years.  With one single E-launch of your property, you will be placed in front of 37,000 real 30A vacationers. 

In addition to our proprietary database of 30A renters, other ways we promote your asset include but are not limited to:
  • All of our properties are listed on the most popular vacation rental sites such as VRBO, Airbnb, 30A Escapes and Rent 30A
  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advertising on Google and other popular search engines
  • Each of our properties get their own professional Photo Shoot and Video sponsored by 30A Escapes
  • Social Network Marketing - Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more
  • Exclusive advertising agreement with the fastest growing 30A blog and forums... 30A Prime / 30aPrime.com
  • 24/7 Google Adwords and Paid Facebook Ad campaigns promoting your property listings
30a escapes brand partners

 Protecting the Value of your Asset via Professional Property Management
Tenant qualifying is one of the main ways we protect the value of your property.  We personally speak to every guest prior to their booking. The 30A Escapes team ensures that prospective guests are of proper age, responsible, and will take excellent care of the property they wish to book.  We process all of our bookings with credit card payments which is the best way to protect against cancelations.  At the time of a booking, 50% of the rent is due and we have a strict cancelation policy to protect our owners' earnings.

We are all about transparency in regards to the financials.  Monthly owner statements are issued with full accounting of receipts, expenses and disbursements.  Net rental funds are disbursed in a timely manner at the end of every month via ACH deposits.  In addition, 30A Escapes collects and pays local, county, and state taxes on your behalf.

The 30A Escapes team stays on top of repairs and maintenance to preserve the value of your asset.  Full scheduling and oversight of necessary repairs is coordinated by us at no cost to our homeowners because we do not make money when you have to spend it.  We conduct weekly property inspections during peak season and monthly inspections the rest of the year.  Your dedicated property manager keeps close eyes on your 30A investment.
 Professional Guest Relations
The 30A Escapes team is dedicated to making sure our guests enjoy every minute of their vacation.  We handle all calls prior to, during and after their stay.  We promptly respond to any issues or repair request that might arise.  Our property managers are seasoned pros that know how to handle any challenge.  We offer full concierge services to arrange any such requests our guests may have and we do it all with a personal touch that is unmatched on 30A.

Why should I entrust 30A Escapes with my luxury beach home?

The answer is simple, we live by two primary fiduciary duties:
  1. To protect the value of your asset.
  2. To provide the highest level rental returns in the market.

Every day we are dedicated and focused on fulfilling those duties to the best of our ability.  We are committed to upholding our end of the partnership and our team members are available to you both day and night.  We do not keep "normal office hours" so that you can always reach us as you will have our mobile phone numbers.  Our dedication and service to you the homeowner is second to none in the vacation property management industry as further demonstrated via the 30A Escapes "Owners Perks Program".

We offer fair management rates which are based on the rental projections of your specific property.

Owner Perks Program

As a Thank You to our most valued clients (Our Owners), we would like to offer you the following benefits.  Here at 30A Escapes, all of our homeowners are entitled to the following perks at NO CHARGE:

Free Car Wash
Any day of your choosing during your personal vacation. Have your car washed before, during, or at the end of your stay! (2 per year)
Free Airport Pick up and Drop Off 
 A member of our Staff is happy to provide Pick Up and Drop Off to the ECP and VPS airports. Please provide a 2 week notice of your pick up/drop off dates and how many are going with you. Our primary transportation vehicle has seating for up to 5 passengers. Up to 2 round trip shuttles per year.
One Free Owner Cleaning per year!
Just let us know when you wish to Cash In on a free Owner Cleaning!
Luggage Loading and Unloading Assistance
Let us know in advance that you would like assistance with loading and unloading your luggage! One of our staff members will be happy to come assist you and your family. Save your back and have a Snack. We are here for you!
Free Bikes for every Owner Stay
Your property comes with 1 bike per bedroom. If you need additional bikes, we will provide more for you at no charge as long as there is enough inventory after all rental guests have been taken care of.
No Credit Card Fees to Owners
30A Escapes does not charge back our owners for credit card fees incurred for rental bookings. This is a major savings for our Owners as the normal chargeback is between 3% to 4.5% for most rental companies.